A Little About Matt

Combining creative illusion techniques with a bit of comedy, Matt brings his young charm to the magic scene.  At fifteen years of age, he has been performing stage and close up magic for a range of audiences throughout the Puget Sound area for the past five years. Matt dazzles audiences with his remarkable mastery of illusion and sleight of hand!

Matt's facination with magic began on his fifth birthday, when his grandfather gave him his first magic kit. After mastering every trick in the kit, he wanted to learn more. His parents took him the magic store at Seattle's Pike Place Market, where his eyes were as big as the silver dollars he now enjoys making disappear!

Shortly after learning to read, Matt was slogging through 400-page biographies about the masters in magic. His grandfather indulged him by spending hours in the garage collaborating to build some of the illusions he had read about.

Before long, Matt discovered the fantastic magic club, the Northwest Ring of Smoke, and with the guidance and encouragement of some amazing magicians, there was no stopping him!
The hours ticked away as Matt practiced every trick, pored through every magic book, and studied every magic DVD he could get his hands on.

He started to perform at every opportunity - for friends, at family get-togethers, and at church and school talent shows.

And when there was a live magic show to be seen, he was there, taking it all in - especially captivated by the illusions of Master Magician Lance Burton.
Through his study of the art of magic, Matt has developed a knack for taking classic illusions and putting his own creative spin on them. Wherever he goes, his pockets are lined with a deck of cards, spongeballs, rope, or a few coins, and he's always dreaming up his next illusion.

Matt's recent venues have included Redmond Derby Days, Sammamish Farmers Market Family Games Day, White Center Jubillee Days, Issaquah Parks & Rec Summer Camps
, New Castle Days Festival, Issaquah School District after school programs, Issaquah Farmers Market Family Day, and tons of Birthday party shows all across the greater Seattle area.

His passion for the art of magic and talent for entertaining audiences have truly allowed him to become one of the region's premier young magicians!

Matt with magic legends Jeff McBride and Eugene Berger levitating his Master's Class completion certificate at McBride's Magic and Mystery School, Las Vegas